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Healthcare for all
More classroom funding
Clean Air
Stop the CRC freeway
Fair Taxes

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Donations are no longer accepted.   My campaign did not take any donations from corporations or groups.   I accepted money only from individuals, and only $100 or less. 



The waste in corporate heath insurance

I ran for office against Speaker Tina Kotek in Oregon.  She's a lawmaker who refused to co-sponsor laws to save money on healthcare.  It's no shock that she takes money from the corporations who feed off the people who lack care and pay high premiums for insurance.   It's hard to find good data on this.  Over time I will post the best resarch I can find.    I'll start with a picture, and a link to a power point that has a lot of great citations to the claims it makes.  The election is over, but the battle for universal care remains.   See also http://www.hcao.org 


picture shows Canada and USA costs in healthcare, USA wastes more

Greedy Corporations elect lawmakers

Oregon lawmakers have been too generous to corporations.

Short list of taxpayer gifts to corporations::
Intel     $766 Million
OHSU   $200 Million
PSU     $169 Million  ( Developers near PSU actually )
Nike     $150 Million
Hayatt   $80 Million

Still in doubt about the 1.4 Billion in handouts?

Click these links to open a new window to show the details:  


$766 million, Intel click here

$200 Million OHSU 

$169 million PSU & Downtown developers

$150 million Nike, click here

$80 million Hayatt Hotel  

Footnote:  Newspapers don't endorse me because I lack "institutional support".  That's the paradox.  I don't support giving these instituions 1.4 billion of taxpayer money.  I'm proud that I stand up against our greedy institutions such as Nike and Intel.  http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22478-don%E2%80%99t_piss_it_away.html?current_page=5


See Tina Vote

There are many small isues where I agree with Tina's voting record.

There are very big financial debts caused by Tina's worst votes.    Tina's small good deeds and laws are eclipsed and defunded by Tina's big mistakes.   

See Tina run, see Tina take money, see Tina pass laws for corporations!

  • HB2236(clean air), 
  • HB2922(heathcare),
  • SB863(GMO food labeling),
  • HB4200 (Tax Break for Nike/Intel)
  • HB2800 (30 year debt of $5billion to $10billion
  • SB861 Cut pensions for low income seniors

HB2336 Tina silent,  refused to co-sponsor a law for cleaner air, died of neglect
Yes  Sen. Chip Shields co-sponsored HB2336, He's your senator for District 44

HB2922  Tina refused to co-sposor.  Chip Shields co-sponsored it.  23 Democrats co-sponsored.  There are 90 lawmakers, so this should have passed easily with Democrats in the Majority.

SB863  Tina Voted Yes, Monsanto protection act. Prevents Portland from labeling GMO foods
Declared a false emergency
Every republican lawmaker who voted, SB863.   This law tells you where she stands when the chips are down. Senator Shields from Tina's same district opposed the Monsanto Protection act, Sen. Shields voted NO!   Most democrats voted NO.  Rep. Tina Kotek often stands with Republicans to undermine progressive issues. She stands with Corporations.  She did vote horse trading and was the lead negotiator to pass SB863.

HB 4200 Tina voted Yes.   Allowed Nike $150 million back door deals.  (Click here PDF)  PDF is written and signed by the Gov and Nike

See item 3b.   500 jobs created by Nike and gift of $150 million from taxpayers. Do the math.  It's an average of 300k per one job Nike creates.


HB2800  Tina voted Yes.   Take out 30 year bonds to spend $3 billion to construct a freeway and pay another $2-7 billion in bond interest and related costs and cost overruns.   Declares a false emergency.  WA stated rejected "sufficient funds".  Oreon now wishes to pay for WA state debt of $ billion with a plan called the "Oregon Only CRC"  plan.


SB861  Tina voted Yes.  Senator Shields voted no.    Cut the cost of living increase.  This is unconstitutional and breaks contracts to keep money for low income people in line with inflation.    

Comming Soon!
Stay tuned for more bad votes from Tina in 2014!  Beware of hard liquor in your corner store thanks to Tina Kotek and right leaning Democrats.

Voters are smart enough to vote no on hard liquor when it becomes a ballot issue. We know that Costco and big corporations funded the vote that passed in WA to de-regulate hard liquor sales.   Tina should be strong enough to also vote no in Salem.  Tina should educate every voter in Oregon to the dangers of Costco Inc ballot measures on hard liquor.

We must  stop the effort to get liquor sold in grocery stores.   Oregon voters have great access to hard liquor.   Data collected by reporters shows that our liquor is cheaper than WA state with liquor in every store.   

People in Oregon can't buy liquor on impulse or at all times.  This is a good thing we need to preserve.  


North Portland Launches drive to buy air testing

Today I have launched a crowd sourcing fund drive to setup the first independent air testing in North Portland.    I was inspired to do this after attending a kickoff party for testing equipment at Chapman Elementary in NW Portland.   It's a school that's downwind of some very toxic industrial facilities.  

Here is a link to see the equipment at Chapman Elementary:

Here is the link where people can spend 3 minutes and $5 to get the testing started.



Kickoff Party

You are invited!  Campaign Kickoff Party

Friday January 3rd, 6PM
7600 Hererford Ave, Portland Oregon 97203  - map http://goo.gl/maps/YqlBb  
( The nearby intersection of Lombard and Portsmouth is served by Bus #35 or #75 high frequency)
Free childcare provided ages 2-10. RSVP for childcare  (414) 465-880Five    joe@electjoerowe.com

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