Elect Joe Rowe - Portland Oregon House Dist 44 - We deserve universal healh care. End generous gifts to corporations making billions. Put people above profit - Do not vote for Tina Kotek

About Joe Rowe

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Our Campaign Goals:
Healthcare as a human right
Rent Control Now
End Oregon no cause evictions
Fund Schools not prisons
Faster and more public transit
More classroom funding
Make polluters pay to cleanup and test 24/7
Pro Taxing the rich, not the poor
Endorsed by Greens, The Pacific Green Party

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- Green Party Candidate
- Public School Teacher
- Public School Parent
- Active in the community
- Accepts money from Humans only
- No group or corporate Money!

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North Portland Launches drive to buy air testing

Today I have launched a crowd sourcing fund drive to setup the first independent air testing in North Portland.    I was inspired to do this after attending a kickoff party for testing equipment at Chapman Elementary in NW Portland.   It's a school that's downwind of some very toxic industrial facilities.  

Here is a link to see the equipment at Chapman Elementary:

Here is the link where people can spend 3 minutes and $5 to get the testing started.