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Healthcare as a human right
Rent Control Now
End Oregon no cause evictions
Fund Schools not prisons
Faster and more public transit
More classroom funding
Make polluters pay to cleanup and test 24/7
Pro Taxing the rich, not the poor
Endorsed by Greens, The Pacific Green Party

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Kokek lies about freeway projects

Adding lanes to freeways does not solve congestion. This is uncontested science.   I will quote Speaker Kotek  "It did solve the problems in the area".  The reason why this is a lie is because there was never any documenation about the project goals, and would they solve congestion in the long run. 

The second lie Kotek makes is related to the lack of answers to public questions.   The questions were given ODOT lies over a long period.  Lies do not count as answers. In this video the person interviwing me and Speaker Kotek is Nigel Jaquis.     Nigel is a Pulitzier Prize winning author and he won an award for his work on this freeway.  Click here to view "A Bridge Too False"  documenting just a few of the lies surrounding this project. 

The Columbia River Crossing freeway project would have costed $10 billion. It was cancled after Oregon and Washington spent $200 million on marketing and design.   This video was created by the Willamette Week news.  Kotek is on record saying that the project solved the project goals, but the goals were never published.   There was never any data to show a $10 billion freeway would solve any problems.   Click here to see the ODOT budget for mega freeways as of July 2020. 


If the Vimeo Video above fails then try a direct link http://vimeo.com/92976200#t=45m30s

Here's 2 more videos related the the CRC and the failure of Oregon Democrats in control to create a plan for transporation.  David Bragdon shows what's wrong with Oregon and what is going well for other state departments of transporation.  

Bragdon:   "It(CRC) did not add up..They continually stonewalled and through either incompetence or dishonesty at the highest levels of ODOT just refused to acknowledge"    https://youtu.be/Pk1rW5S-S5A?t=1h5m29s 

On the ODOT failure of a 2015 Transporation Bill - It "was old school, no performance measures"  -- "Big road widening at the edge of town" -- "key projects for key legislators if they vote the right way"