Elect Joe Rowe - Portland Oregon House Dist 44 - We deserve universal healh care. End generous gifts to corporations making billions. Put people above profit - Do not vote for Tina Kotek

About Joe Rowe

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Our Campaign Goals:
Healthcare as a human right
Rent Control Now
End Oregon no cause evictions
Fund Schools not prisons
Faster and more public transit
More classroom funding
Make polluters pay to cleanup and test 24/7
Pro Taxing the rich, not the poor
Endorsed by Greens, The Pacific Green Party

Joe in blue jacket

- Green Party Candidate
- Public School Teacher
- Public School Parent
- Active in the community
- Accepts money from Humans only
- No group or corporate Money!

Campaign Flyer

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Democrats promote corporate heath insurance waste

My platform and volunteering support health care as a human right.

Speaker Tina Kotek hinders Health Care as a human right, and uses marketing to hide it.  a) She appoints the committies that killed several bills co-sponsored by 23 fellow democrats b) she refuses to co-sponsor Oregon Laws to promote health care as a human right. 

This is the main reason I am running for office against Speaker Tina Kotek in Oregon.   It's no shock that she takes money from the corporations who feed off the people who lack care and pay high premiums for insurance.     I'll start with a picture, and a link to a power point that has a lot of great citations to the claims it makes.   Vote Joe in Nov 2016   See also http://www.hcao.org 


picture shows Canada and USA costs in healthcare, USA wastes more