Elect Joe Rowe - Portland Oregon House Dist 44 - We deserve universal healh care. End generous gifts to corporations making billions. Put people above profit - Do not vote for Tina Kotek

About Joe Rowe

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Our Campaign Goals:
Healthcare as a human right
Rent Control Now
End Oregon no cause evictions
Fund Schools not prisons
Faster and more public transit
More classroom funding
Make polluters pay to cleanup and test 24/7
Pro Taxing the rich, not the poor
Endorsed by Greens, The Pacific Green Party

Joe in blue jacket

- Green Party Candidate
- Public School Teacher
- Public School Parent
- Active in the community
- Accepts money from Humans only
- No group or corporate Money!

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Greedy Corporations elect lawmakers

Oregon lawmakers have been too generous to corporations.

Short list of taxpayer gifts to corporations::
Intel     $766 Million
OHSU   $200 Million
PSU     $169 Million  ( Developers near PSU actually )
Nike     $150 Million
Hayatt   $80 Million

Still in doubt about the 1.4 Billion in handouts?

Click these links to open a new window to show the details:  


$766 million, Intel click here

$200 Million OHSU 

$213 million PSU & Downtown developers  added link with budget data here   

$150 million Nike, click here The Nike deal was a fake emergency law and one day emergency session where all lawmakers were called in weeks before the normal session of 2013 began.  Another problem with this deal was that the law was one page of lawmakers giving up all their  powers of checks and balances to the Governor to make back door deals

$80 million Hayatt Hotel  

Footnote:  Newspapers don't endorse me because I lack "institutional support".  That's the paradox.  I don't support giving these instituions 1.4 billion of taxpayer money.  I'm proud that I stand up against our greedy institutions such as Nike and Intel.  http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22478-don%E2%80%99t_piss_it_away.html?current_page=5